What is Actionable Insight?

We help high performing companies grow their UK and export business online.

We do this by listening intently, asking the smart questions and delivering the intelligence in plain English.

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Do you need to shift Board Level opinion of digital marketing?

We create inspiring, educating and unnerving company bespoke presentations to map out the future of digital landscape to shift opinion, question angles of thinking and promote change.

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Is your international business rival better than you online?

We audit your online activity, compare your effectiveness against your international rivals and recommend easy to implement actions.

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Do you want to grow your international presence online rapidly?

We write step-by-step plans that quickly make you more attractive to customers in your online export markets.

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What would happen if you improved each and every element of your business online?

Stealing export market share relies on the sum of marginal gains. We systematically optimise ALL your online activity. “The aggregation of marginal gains.”

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Is your social media activity taking up too much time?

We write the social media component of your business plan that hard-wires activity to commercial objectives.

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Do your teams know how to use social media correctly in your target export markets?

We teach you to create global personal and business profiles, share content and generate sales using LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+(including Youtube) and Twitter ensuring they observe local etiquette

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Do you understand what insights your website is currently telling you about your most receptive export markets?

We help you set up Google Analytics to measure, report goals and improve your business online

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What stories are you creating that get found and shared by your global prospects?

We help you create your own online feature newsroom.

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Do you know where conversations are happening about you around the world, and are you taking advantage?

Someone is talking about you and your organisation online but do you know who they are, what they are saying, with what reputation or sentiment, in what online place and would you like to get involved in the conversation or not?

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We listen to online conversations, identify themes, key opinion leaders, opportunities for engagement and more importantly tell you exactly what your customers are saying about you – in real time.

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Does your senior management have an attractive online presence?

We create, manage and enhance personal and professional branding online to manage what is found when someone Googles your name or business

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