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Project Highlights

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government needed to reduce spend whilst delivering innovation in the public sector. Engaged as Digital Strategy Consultant to plan, steer and consult the CivTech programme. Assessed scope and led planning to create and document the programme of work; set-up steering board and conducted regular governance to ensure objectives met; led growth hacking for startups to enable accelerator creation; and monitored growth activities to ensure performance. Succeeded in accelerating 18 start-ups with local economic impact of £1.4m+ p.a.

Oxygen Freejumping

Oxygen Freejumping is a new leisure venture. Engaged as Digital Strategy Consultant and NED to deliver digital support systems for the start-up. Shaped investor memorandum to attract initial seed funds; created digital strategy to drive vendor and tool selection; implemented core ecommerce website, booking, and call centre systems to support launch; and developed and implemented KPIs and dashboards to increase efficiency. Succeeded in attracting first £1.6m+ seed funds, supporting launch of 10 parks and increasing annual turn-over from £0 to £12m+.

TRW Aftermarket

TRW Aftermarket added an online channel to enable direct sales to the consumer. Engaged as Digital Strategy & Transformation Consultant to deliver TRW’s international business transformation. Completed audits, benchmarks and segmentation to improve customer journey; defined digital strategy and go to market plan for roll-out to Europe; created dashboards to advance business performance; and delivered product perfect web pages that fed e-marketplaces. Succeeded in delivering the business transformation that formed the basis for increased sales by 4% p.a.

UK Hydrographic Office

UK Hydrographic Office was tasked with finding new industry sectors to sell it’s Admiralty Maritime Data Solutions. Engaged as Digital Strategy & Transformation Consultant to perform online audit, and distributor and peer organisation benchmark to inform an increased online visibility and consistency of messaging, listening online to understand key conversation themes, locations and opinion leaders of potential market sectors, and enabled the business with a performance dashboard to track key metrics over time. The work has resulted in the development of a new set of products launching in 2018.

Toyota Motors Europe

Toyota Motors Europe relied heavily on TV ads and needed to reduce media spend. Engaged as Digital Strategy Consultant to perform a search engine and social media audit. Analysed online platforms to provide baseline; designed change strategy to improve technical architecture, SEO, brand value proposition, social media strategy and online reputation; prepared action list to meet KPIs and operate efficiently online; and trained business in dashboard usage to visualise data and improvement actions. Succeeded in cutting media spend from £12m to £8m.

Department for International Trade

Department for International Trade was tasked with increasing exports from the UK. Engaged as Digital Strategy Consultant to deliver masterclasses to established SMEs and support their 1st significant export arrangement. Assembled a digital toolset for international trade via e-commerce and emarketplaces; delivered 5 keynotes, 20 UKTI Hub talks and led 28 workshops; and reached 1000+ participants to improve their export capabilities. Succeeded in personally influencing online export plans and initial export arrangements of 70+ SMEs for the benefit of the UK economy.

University of Roehampton

University of Roehampton needed a new marketing strategy and plan to attract funding. Appointed as Honorary Research Fellow to create a digital strategy and marketing plan. Created and deployed a new web-service to enhance UoR’s online visibility; set-up new social media communities to attract new students; created mobile video first content to improve marketing communications; and initiated and contributed to regular governance reviews. Succeeded in delivering a new digital strategy that helped UoR improve from place 132 to 76 in The Sunday Times university ranking.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson launched a new product across Europe. Engaged as Social Media Strategist to lead an international Online Listening project for enhancing marketing messages. Implemented und operated a tool to listen to social media conversations; analysed tracked conversations to identify and segment distinct themes; and identified and recruited conversation leaders to test new product. Succeeded in identifying 60+ brand ambassadors who amplified marketing messages to a 500k+ strong community across Europe, ensuring effective launch.