Client projects…

Wilo SE, World-leading Water Pump Manufacturer – Dortmund, Germany   August 2022 – April 2023

Developed a 5-year global ecommerce strategy, which was presented to senior leaders and translated into actionable tasks for global teams. Utilised KPIs, measurement dashboards, and customer-led growth strategies while launching multiple ecommerce and SEO projects in Q1 2023. This digital transformation aims to create an agile, customer-centric, data-driven, and innovative organisation prepared for the challenges of the digital era.

UK Hydrographic Office | ADMIRALTY, Executive Agency of UK Government, Taunton   June 2017 – June 2022

Developed an integrated marketing technology suite encompassing web, search engine, social media, content, and evaluation. Conducted a thorough audit and benchmark, leading to a 3-year technology roadmap and £2.4M procurement for a web technology agency partner. Created a marketing campaign playbook, upskilled the internal team, and established a real-time Power BI dashboard. The 3-year transformation program aligned with strategic objectives, contributing to a 22% annual revenue increase to £164M.

CivTech Scotland and CivTech Alliance, Edinburgh   March 2016 – April 2023

The CivTech accelerator program empowered small and medium-sized businesses to deliver GovTech/CivTech products and services, reallocating £420M from large consultancies with a £6M investment and £100M fund. Identified stakeholders, and crafted sector-specific value propositions, communication plans, and real-time dashboards. Developed a Growth Hacking Masterclass for participants. The CivTech Alliance emerged from CivTech Scotland, uniting 16 countries for UNDP challenges in COP26, COP27, and the upcoming COP28. Received the Apolitical Global Public Service Team of the Year 2021 award.

Department for International Trade, London & South East Regions   October 2012 – March 2022 

Facilitated UK SMEs’ online export knowledge by designing and delivering Ecommerce Masterclasses for 10 years, including keynotes, country/industry/technology presentations, and interactive workshops. Engaged with over 1,000 SMEs, receiving a 98% overall feedback rating.

The Economic Development Board, Port Louis, Mauritius   January 2022 – March 2022

Developed an export ecommerce program for Mauritian SMEs to conduct business in the UK. Conducted due diligence on 27 participant businesses, analysed market sectors and products, and provided UK-specific intelligence. Delivered an 8-week Masterclass program with post-program support, one-to-one export planning, lead generation sessions, and personal network introductions. The program was successful, and the consultant was invited to mentor “Women in Business.”

Kate Meads Associates – Occupational Therapist, Andover   November 2016 – March 2020

Led business strategy, planning, and development of a comprehensive B2B and B2C ecommerce lead generation suite, including web, search engine, social media, email, and data reporting platforms. Conducted an online audit, benchmarked competitors, and devised tactics to outperform them. Outcomes included a new brand, value proposition, product and service suite, WordPress website, marketing campaigns, and performance dashboard. Aimed to create an exit plan for systemised growth and potential future sale, merger, or acquisition.

SQFT.Capital Property Development Investment, London   February 2020 – August 2020 

Created a web app platform with a seamless front-end user experience and automated funnel communications for SQFT.Capital helps property developers efficiently model development finance and find suitable lenders and investors. Developed brand, value proposition, web app, algorithm, and communication program. The ecommerce lead generation business has since received £1.33bn in debt and equity enquiries, averaging £3.26M in debt raises and £1.02M in equity raises.

Bristol Sport, Sports Franchise Organisation, Bristol   January 2019 – March 2019

Devised a comprehensive social ecommerce and community digital strategy for engaging local audiences with sports franchises including Bristol City Football Club, Bristol Bears Rugby, and Bristol Flyers. Conducted an audit and benchmarked website, e-commerce portal, app, search engine, social media, and content against world-class best practices. Outlined a series of tasks for board-level execution based on ease, revenue generation, and transformational impact on the business.

AVS Fencing, Horsham, West Sussex   August 2017 – February 2019 

After conducting an online audit and competitor benchmark, a new suite of DIY/gardening products and services was created, tracked by real-time performance dashboards. This strategic shift increased ecommerce revenue from £275K to £2M and boosted in-branch sales by 20%. EBITDA growth from £450K to £2.3M led to an acquisition by Lawsons Group. The turnaround followed an 80% drop in ecommerce revenue due to a previous shift from trade-focused to direct-to-consumer marketing.

Young Voices, London and Cardiff   May 2013 – November 2018

Audited their paper-based office and developed new systems of working. Mapped out the 1-year event cycle in the UK to understand data flow and communication frequency across platforms. The result was a 3-year transformation program that enabled international offices to be set up in Germany, the US, South Africa, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Roger brings a fabulously unique approach to “getting to the bottom of the detail” and his detailed, but fun analysis of the issues we were facing was not only refreshing but incredibly useful. His understanding of our business was very clear and often Roger went above and beyond the job in hand in order to understand what nuances made our business “tick”. Some small tweaks, and some rather major ones were needed but each were introduced and have resulted in some incredibly positive changes to our business, the major plus of which is quicker uptake through better technology and use of social media/excellent software platforms. Roger’s approach is thorough and he is a pleasure to work with.

Dan Timms, Director of Operations   Young Voices (UK) Ltd

The Medic Portal & The Lawyer Portal, London   July 2014 – January 2019 

Added digital rigour to The Medic Portal’s Investor Memorandum, which led to the platform becoming the leading ecommerce learning management portal for medical school students in the UK. The business successfully replicated its platform in multiple sectors, such as The Law Portal.

I can’t recommend Roger and his team at Actionable Insight highly enough. In our transition from an offline tutoring business to an online education platform, Actionable Insight have been absolutely invaluable. They are knowledgeable, energetic and great to work with. Most of all, I feel they really care about us as a client and are truly invested in making our business better.

George Rendel, Director   The Medic Portal

Snuggy Hoods, Holt, Wiltshire   November 2013 – March 2019

Expanded the seasonal UK business into the US, Germany, Japan, and Australia by enhancing web, search engine, and social media platforms for online export mapping, aiming to rapidly grow B2B and B2C ecommerce. Developed a 2-year plan to increase functionality and required accounts.

Oxygen Freejumping, UK National   July 2014 – January 2018 

Shaped the investor memorandum to attract initial seed funding, created a digital strategy for vendor and tool selection, implemented core ecommerce website, booking and call centre systems to support the launch, and developed and implemented KPIs and dashboards to increase efficiency. Successfully attracted £1.6m of seed funding together with further rounds of £5M supporting the launch of 10 parks and increasing annual turnover from £0 to £12m+ and an eventual exit.

Leica & Hexagon Geosystems, St Gallen, Switzerland   March 2018 – November 2018 

Conducted a global website, search engine, and social media audit for Leica and Hexagon Geosystems to develop their first social media strategy and ecommerce go-to-market plan. Worked with key stakeholders in the Head Office to construct a new wiki cataloguing a complete system of social media working and successfully onboarded US and European marketing teams.

Secret Saviours, London   November 2014-June 2016 

Designed and developed the brand and value proposition, social ecommerce, Amazon emarketplace, and communication and advertising campaign systems. Successfully completed three rounds of fundraising, totalling £2.4M, and is now listed in top-end retail chemists. Secret Saviours offers a clinically proven 3-step system invented by surgeons and approved by the American Dermatological Society.

TRW Aftermarket, Birmingham and Neuwied, Germany   January 2015 – October 2015

Translated a McKinsey & Co. Management Consultancy reports into a 3-year go-to-market plan. Developed personas and use cases for e-commerce user experience and marketing communications, designed “perfect product pages” for an e-commerce website, and deployed real-time search, social media, and e-commerce measurement dashboard. The successful direct-to-consumer proof of concept was rolled out from the UK to France, Germany, Poland, and Russia, and later expanded to include China.

Johnson & Johnson, Maidenhead   February 2013 – March 2015

Led an international Online Listening project to enhance marketing messages for their new Diabetes type 2 patch analysis product in Europe. Implemented and operated Brandwatch, a tool to listen to social media conversations, analysed and tracked conversations to identify and segment distinct themes, and recruited conversation leaders to test the product. Successfully identified 60+ brand ambassadors who amplified marketing messages to a 500k+ strong community across Europe, ensuring an effective launch.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo, Windsor   August 2012 – July 2013 

Created a business-to-business brand and lead generation plan for their UK business. The plan was presented at the Annual General Meeting and was rolled out to the sales team to generate collective lead-scored prospects for team conversion.

Toyota Motors Europe, Epsom   January 2012 – December 2013 

Performed a search engine and social media audit, and designed a strategy to reduce media spend on new car launches. The analysis involved improving the technical architecture, SEO, brand value proposition, social media strategy, and online reputation. An action list was prepared to meet KPIs and operate efficiently online, and the business was trained in dashboard usage to visualise data and improve actions. As a result, new car launch media spend was reduced from £12M to £8M in the UK, and the methodology was implemented across all European countries.

University of Roehampton, London   September 2010 – August 2013 

Created a new ecommerce lead generation strategy and plan to attract students to The University of Roehampton in response to the commercialisation of the higher education sector. Created and deployed a new web service to enhance online visibility, set up new social media communities to attract new students, and created mobile video-first content to improve marketing communications. Initiated and contributed to regular governance reviews, which helped the university improve its ranking in The Sunday Times from 120 to 76.

“Roger worked with creating a new website built for multiple platforms, including both desktop and mobile. He also provided advice regarding social media, in particular the way in which the institution monitored digital activity. The University was shortlisted for “Best Website” in the 2012 HEIST Awards, the main awards programme for marketing in the sector. Roger has continued to work with the Roehampton providing workshops to students on using LinkedIn, as part of a range of activities the University has in place to enhance student employability”

Paul O’Prey   Vice Chancellor, University of Roehampton