Step 2 – Brand, Reputation & Value Proposition(s)

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the importance of developing a clear personal and business brand, position, and value proposition

How long do you have to capture someone’s attention online?

15 Second Rule 

Your mission and value proposition

  • Have you defined your mission, vision, and values?
  • What is your brand position and value proposition? 
  • (“A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered, communicated, and acknowledged”)
  • What are your ‘gives’ and ‘gets’ – what do people have to ‘give’ to get your product or service, and what do they ‘get’ in return?
  • Are you selling the problem you solve rather than the product? 
  • Do your ‘gets’ increase attention and save time?

Your brand story

  • What is your brand story? Is it consistent across all platforms?
  • What is your brand’s philosophy?
  • What are your points of difference over your competitors?
  • Have you safeguarded your brand by ensuring you own all the relevant social media accounts – do you need
  • to carry out a social media ‘land grab’ and make sure others can’t take them first?
  • Do you benchmark yourself against your competitors?
  • Do you need to translate your brand story to take it to the next level?

Digital tools 

Actionable insight 

Now that you have completed this chapter, you should have a clear understanding and articulation of what your brand is, what your brand position is, and what your value proposition is.

Take it to the next level

What are your brand mission, vision, and values? What are your gives and gets?