Step 4 – Objectives

In this chapter, you will learn how to plan the necessary tactics and mechanics to attract your target audience and keep them engaged. Reference Goalscape

Both of the following articles give an insight into age-old tactics used when it comes to sales. Many of these haven’t changed in principle – it’s just a case of adapting them. Read them and think about how these tactics could be harnessed for your own business.

Read David Ogilvy – The New Standard AGA Cooker (about attack and defence, genius piece of work)


Can you map your existing sales and marketing tactics from the following?

You need to listen to your customers (and potential customers) to understand how and where to pull (e.g., sharing intellectual property, thought leadership, social media) and where to push (e.g., ads, affiliates).  

‘Pull’ tactics

The following are considered ‘pull’ tactics. Which ones could you consider using to gain potential customers?

  • Blogging/guest blogging (with regular frequency)
  • E-books, guides, and whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Conference presentations
  • SlideShare
  • SEO (Metadata, AMP and SEOYoast Pro) (Structured data
  • Social media
  • Contests
  • E-marketplaces
  • B2B app marketplaces
  • Inclusion on deal sites
  • Piggybacking (i.e., Jamie Oliver Food Tube)

‘Push’ tactics

Here are some examples of ‘push’ tactics you could employ:-

  • Display ads
  • Konstant Kreative – We design creative for one purpose. Conversion.
  • ‘Swaps – reciprocal deals or swapping of products to add value for customers and benefit both sides
  • Affiliates
  • Direct sales

Personal tactics

  • Leverage networking
  • Phone contacts
  • Email contacts
  • Social contacts
  • Social sharing
  • Backlinks (Chat links)
  • Gift (product) incentives
  • Word of mouth (remember to ask to be shared)

How to activate members and get them engaged

These tactics will only be successful if your members are engaging with them. You need to consider some of the following ideas and resources to ensure your audience is engaged. Only when they are engaged will you be able to convert.


Understand ‘mini-interactions’ e.g., likes – each of these tiny moments is a step towards the next moment e.g. likes lead to follows, lead to tagging someone else, lead to subscriptions, lead to purchases

  • Build an amazing landing page – Unbounce – Landing Page Builder and Converter  
  • Include good copywriting and clear calls to action
  •  Make it as easy as 1,2,3 – ensure you’ve got your own ‘onboarding guide’ to make it as easy as possible for people to join, purchase, or sign up.
  • Gamification – everyone loves a game or a competition
  • Include a dynamic pricing strategy (eg Platinum, Gold and Silver tiered, free trials and discount codes)
  • Bundling – everyone loves a ‘deal’

How to retain users

In short, make them happy!

Digital tools 

These tools will help you activate some of the above tactics:-

Actionable Insight

By now you should be able to develop sales and marketing tactics that will drive your target audience segments to your website or e-marketplaces.

Take it to the next level

How many tactics and mechanics do you currently use? Can you localise your tactics by language, country, city, and persona? If so, how?