Step 8 – The “What is actually going to happen” Plan

This step breaks down the proof-of-concept activation into steps, defining team roles, time-specific responsibilities, and objectives.


  • Can you complete the “go-to-market plan”? 
  • Are you clear on how to present the plan internally?
  • Can you agree on a budget, scope of work and lead time for your plan?

Roles and responsibilities

Can you define the roles, responsibilities, and objectives of your team according to the RACI matrix?

Any other business

Can you activate a new digitally efficient email signature e.g. Wisestamp and translate personal LinkedIn profiles? 

HelloSign – Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

Digital tools 

Actionable insight 

After completing this step, you should have the ability to create your Growth Hacking strategy and go-to-market plan with new roles, responsibilities, and objectives for your team.

Take it to the next level

What does your email signature look like on a mobile? What platforms and tools can you deploy to improve team productivity?