We work with business owners and or in-house sales and marketing teams to complete an online audit and competitive benchmarking. 

They are trying to answer questions like; 

  • How does my website’s performance compare to my competitors’? Due diligence
  • What are the gaps in my online marketing strategy compared to the industry leaders? Online visibility
  • How can I improve my online customer engagement and retention? Engagement rate
  • How efficient is my sales and marketing effort at generating qualified marketing / sales leads? Lead generation
  • I need market data to inform my digital strategy and go-to-market plan? Actionable insight 
  • What changes to the digital estate / business model do we need to make to be Business class? Transformation


We currently use a suite of 22 premium-subscription digital analytics platforms and tools to complete the task

Online audit

  • The task involves the visual mapping and forensic analysis of the complete digital estate. 
  • The online audit is completed in a logged-in state as that way it gives more functionality and analytics. 

Competitive benchmarking

  • The Competitive Benchmarking can be completed against any number of; competitors or aspirational business class organisations, countries or cities or languages. 
  • The competitive benchmarking is conducted in a logged-out state.


Phase 1 – Business information 

Business team to share  brand, market and business information 

  • Brand guidelines 
  • Business plan and financial forecast*
  • Sales and marketing plan*
  • Product / service portfolio / data sheets 
  • Target audience breakdown / analysis 

*Preferably broken down by country and product/service 

Allow – 2 days SME – 4 days Enterprise

Phase 2 – Admin access to digital platforms and tools

Admin access required from Company:

  • Website(s) content management system 
  • Search engines 
  • Social media channels 
  • CRM systems 
  • Payment gateways
  • Content 
  • Reporting tools 

Allow 0.5 day SME – 1 day Enterprise

Phase 3 – Online audit 

Complete the audit to identify all of the due diligence / sum of the marginal gains

  • Website (user experience and micro/conversion rate optimisation)
  • Search engine, social media and AI chat result visibility (organic and paid) 
  • Social media platforms and tools
  • Video, picture and word content – engagement, conversation and traffic with intent 
  • Consumer (not bought) and customer (have bought) data
  • CRM, email and automated funnel/flywheel communications 
  • Ecommerce conversion data
  • Advertising platforms; media spend effectiveness 

Allow 2 days SME – 4 days Enterprise

Phase 4 – Competitive benchmarking 

Replicate the online audit analysis in a logged-out state generating observations and suggested actions; 

  • Competitors 
  • Country 
  • Language

Allow 0.5 day per competitor per country per language  


Phase 5 – Generation of results 

  • The results from the online audit and competitor benchmarking are meticulously documented in each section with “Observations” and “Suggested actions.” 
  • The “Suggested actions” will be further evaluated and scored from 1 to 5 based on three criteria:
    • Ease and speed of task completion
    • Lead generation / sales; e-commerce or e-marketplace generation
    • Transformative business change 
  • The results are presented in a SWOT/executive summary, with the key data summarised in a pivot table to allow prioritisation and inform decision-making.

Allow 1 day for Online Audit and 2 hours per competitor per country per language  

Phase 6 – Presentation of results 

Operational Team – Detail

  • Workshop of initial findings with Company stakeholders (for feedback) 
  • Presentation of key findings with Company stakeholders 
  • Detailed operational action report 

Senior Leadership Team – Executive summary 

  • Presentation to Senior Leadership team 
  • Executive summary report 

Allow 2 days SME and 4 days Enterprise business 

Any other business 

  • All work could be carried out virtually but if face to face preferred travel expenses would be charged at cost. 
  • If any part of the process takes less than time expected the invoice will be reduced accordingly


If you would like a detailed proposal please let me know your website, number of platforms and tools within your digital estate, together with the number of competitors/aspirational businesses, countries and languages you would like to be benchmarked against? Or give me a call on +447970623946 / send a video meeting request to and we can work it out :)