Step 6 – Story Sharing Technology

Technology is key when it comes to sharing your stories. In this section, you will learn about understanding, integrating and automating websites, as well as using (voice) search, social media (including monitoring key opinion leaders) and content-sharing technology.

What existing technology do you use?

Platforms & tools

Below is your exhaustive guide to a range of technology that you could be using. From search engines to social media platforms, lead generation applications and other digital tools, your technology will depend on your business, audience, objectives, and tactics.

Spend some time going through the technology below to check whether you are using the right tools currently, and what else you could be doing.

Google Suite




Live streaming 


Lead generation


Digital tools 

Actionable Insight 

You should now have the right level of knowledge of the platforms and tools that will help you reach your export objectives and ensure you’re engaging your current customers as well as your target audience. 

Take it to the next level

Are you working efficiently in English and the United Kingdom? What platforms and tools do you need to add for further online export expansion?