In the last 6 months, for several clients, we have migrated their best performing Google Search campaigns into Bing Ads via their “Import from Google Adwords” button. Easy.

The funny thing, is that the results have been remarkable!

UK search volume is pretty much 80:20 in Google’s favour (Market Share Information) BUT the fundamental lack of competition within Bing, together with an interesting twist means they are all delivering stunning return on advertising spend (ROAS) performance of an average 10 as opposed to 4.

And what is the interesting twist?

I think it is made up of 2-parts

  1. Bing have actually got their act together in regard to their own sales and marketing, Bing Partners, pretty much copying Google Partners and Account Management set up, but who cares, plus the functionality has moved on a good few clicks
  1. Many large organisations who are tightening up their security firewall love Microsoft Windows 10, within which Bing is integrated and incredibly fiddly to extract, are locking down their owned devices to specific browsers and search engines e.g. Bing

So, if you have a consumer or business audience segment within the Bing-orientated organisations, of which there are many, from whom you can leverage commercial advantage over your competitors then I sincerely suggest you Bing-It-Up and copy your credentials across.

In other words, replicate your Google Search Console into Bing Webmaster Tools, Google My Business into Bing Places and finally those Google Ads into Bing Ads.

What have you got to lose?