Top Tips For Your Mobile Strategy

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We are all aware of the growing importance of Mobile, although we aren’t quite sure how people use mobile along the customer journey or how to fully optimise for mobile. Micro Moments Think of mobile devices as shopping assistants for consumers to: Locate a business Research products and services Read reviews Make a purchase These [...]

Top tips for exporting online

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We are very proud to be working with UK Trade & Investment as part of the Exporting is GREAT initiative. Here are some of our top tips for exporting online... Top tip No.1: Export by city McKinsey & Company published their Global Cities of the future identifying the top 600 cities forecast to be the [...]

A Nation of eShopkeepers

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Napoleon called the British "a nation of Shopkeepers" (he actually called us "une nation de boutiquiers"). Adam Smith first coined the phrase in 1776, but I digress... In 2015, I’m wondering why it is so hard to find skilled people who can drive all of the commerce components online? I'd like us to call them [...]

The Future of Real-Time Marketing Workshop

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Hello! I’m Roger from Actionable Insight. We’ve got so much information out there that can help us tell better stories online. You don’t have to be a geek in a suit to come up with the insights. I want to help clients (and their agencies) find out who they’re really talking to and make [...]

DMAS Measuring the Unmeasurable Conference

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I am very much looking forward to speaking at the DMA's Measuring the unmeasurable conference in Birmingham on Tuesday 25th November 2014. My title for discussion is <Can we really measure social media or are we having a :-) ?> I will try to understand some different points of view, work out what measurement actually [...]

Digital Tools for Global Growth

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Please find the complete set of links to the presentation slides, workbook and all external links from the Digital Tools for Global Growth event as part of the amazing UK Trade & Investment ‘s #exportweek initiative. Please come back with any thoughts, adds, questions and feedback. Enjoy :) Social Media Business Planning (Presentation) Social Media [...]

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