On a recent project I was lucky enough to experience a sales training workshop with Marcus Cauchi of Sandler Training.

It made me re think the way I engage.

There were 3 (of the many) points that really hit home.

1. Do not listen but pay attention

Many people listen by just not talking and thinking about the next smart thing to say.

If you pay attention to every single thing in every way that the person you are with is communicating, everything makes sense.

Very hard to begin with and then it gets easier and NEVER interrupt.

2. Quality of questions

In a sales engagement, or any for that matter, it is not what you say but the quality of your questions that will be remembered.

If you are paying attention the quality of questions will improve by default.

2. Change your point of view

Change your perspective and make sure that every thing you say reflects that thinking.

Why on earth would they do business with you unless there is a pressing and personal need state that you have ably proved you are able to overcome?

How do you want them to feel and what do you want them to think as a direct result of an hour in your time?

Try it and let me know how you get on.

If you want to enjoy some sensational YouTube clips watch Marcus’s YouTube Channel